Thursday, 21 June 2012

Youth- Daughter

Sorry for not posting in a while, had a bit of a break! This song is really quaint and sutble. It grows on you like a vine... Jack. Enjoy. Better to do short posts, than no post at all! 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The 'Illusive' Albino Squirrel...

Does it even exist? Does it have any special powers? How dangerous is it? Rodent or Hero?

Well... let me tell you that...

  • Yes! It does exist!
  • Yes! It does have special powers!
  • And yes! It it's a whopping 6.7 on the danger scale!
I met one the other day, and although Ted was as lovely an albino squirrel as you'll ever meet, he scared the living shit out of me. They have powers. Magical 'Powers'. Ted could fire lightning bolts. No word of a lie. 

However, listen up children, they are very rare. Only one on each continent apparently. Last winter was extremely cold and snowed heavily. Leaving me to worry on how Ted was getting on. Infact, the cold weather allowed him to use the snow as camouflage and catch his victims in daylight hours. A time when albino squirrels never hunt. He was catching and eating things like mice, talking donkeys and he said he'd taken down a Boeing 747, with the help of Saul the Albino Gorrila. Although i didn't quite believe him on that occasion.  

Still, the albino squirrel is a dangerous animal. So all ye good people, be safe out there!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Danger Levels & Granny Gangs

Looking in the mirror, shortly after waking up, I consider my self to look like an angry viking. Wild hair, beard down to my chest, a dragon tattoo, several fair maidens in my hey bed. I look dangerous. 8.2/10 on the Danger levels. 

However, when i ask others how dangerous they think I am, they say  0. 

'Fair enough' I reply, 'Fair enough'. Truth be told that reflection i saw in the mirror consisted of the messy hair... and er... that's about it.

 Its neither a good or bad thing how dangerous someone looks, but i still find it amusing to picture people in historical situations and imagine how they would look. Someone like Drogba or Ibrahimovic would surely be a warrior while someone like Rowan Atkinson i can truly see as a Butler.

Genetics are funny things...

Michael Palin though, a solid 11/10 for dangerousness. You have to be on the lookout for the granny gangs. Most dangerous beings to exist. I heard they slayed John Cleese with a banana...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Walking Dead Comics!

I've never really been into comics before, but recently i discovered the 'The Walking Dead Comics'! I'd really enjoyed the TV show but the comics area truely awesome! 

Can't help but think this may turn into another 'Lost scenario'. Once you've read or watched one, you cant stop!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Minecraft Poster

This was one of the first posters for 'Minecraft'. A game developed by a small indie company called Mojang! Just go onto Youtube's homepage and around 90% of the videos will be on building dirt houses! I really like the poster's style as it uses a 2D bit theme that really captures the games character!

ISO50 Blog

Before starting my own blog, i had seen quite a few others, but my favourate was definitely ISO50. 

Just a fantastic range and diverse collection of interesting and unusual stuff. I was recently looking at a post about 'Swiss Bunkers', and who knew how wacky they could be!?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Why 'Drift Matter'?

An unusual name, 'Drift Matter' is meant to be a spin on 'Drift Wood'; which is the the wood that's carried across oceans and drifts onto the land. Drift wood that I've found always seems to have a clean and pure feel and look to it. Its the same with most of the material that ends of on the beach near where i live. Smoothed glass and pottery are also to an extent aesthetically pleasing, but its the randomness of the drift matter that is found that's really interesting.

I remember finding a kinder egg toy on the beach and inside the little cylinder was a small fishing ship. Random but appropriate. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I came by this drawing app called 'ASKetch',  and i think its quite good considering I'm making no mess, not having to sharpen any pencils, my arm not smudging the drawing and the rubbings not clinging to the paper. I also found it really easy to use and i got some nice results. For £1.59 it's positively a bargain, and it reminded me of my own app that my friends and i have been thinking about finally making! Below is the outcome of one of my little drawings with ASKetch!

Everything has beginnings...

Lets get the show on the road, no messing around now. The circus is coming to you! Well... not circus, i'm not too keen on circuses. I mean, I like 'Monty Pythons Flying Circus', but that's a little different. This will be, mark my words, the number 'un' blog in the world.

So lets begin... how the hell do i change the font? 

Ok, worked that out in a blink of an eye, but i can see myself getting stuck every time I log in. Not that I'm bad with computers, it's just that this will take a bit of getting used too. What then, is this blog about? Well, I'm an art student still so i guess some of it will be work that I've been up too, and also anything that i find interesting and nifty.

But like the title says; 'Everything has beginnings', this is the beginnings of my blog, the beginning of the Olympic flame's journey in the UK started in Land's End and, the beginning of the sun occurred 5 billion years ago from a gas cloud in space. Wonder if there are diesel clouds too? Oops, gone on a tangent, back to the topic, everything has beginnings, and so this post is the beginning of Drift Matter...