Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The 'Illusive' Albino Squirrel...

Does it even exist? Does it have any special powers? How dangerous is it? Rodent or Hero?

Well... let me tell you that...

  • Yes! It does exist!
  • Yes! It does have special powers!
  • And yes! It it's a whopping 6.7 on the danger scale!
I met one the other day, and although Ted was as lovely an albino squirrel as you'll ever meet, he scared the living shit out of me. They have powers. Magical 'Powers'. Ted could fire lightning bolts. No word of a lie. 

However, listen up children, they are very rare. Only one on each continent apparently. Last winter was extremely cold and snowed heavily. Leaving me to worry on how Ted was getting on. Infact, the cold weather allowed him to use the snow as camouflage and catch his victims in daylight hours. A time when albino squirrels never hunt. He was catching and eating things like mice, talking donkeys and he said he'd taken down a Boeing 747, with the help of Saul the Albino Gorrila. Although i didn't quite believe him on that occasion.  

Still, the albino squirrel is a dangerous animal. So all ye good people, be safe out there!

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