Thursday, 7 June 2012

Everything has beginnings...

Lets get the show on the road, no messing around now. The circus is coming to you! Well... not circus, i'm not too keen on circuses. I mean, I like 'Monty Pythons Flying Circus', but that's a little different. This will be, mark my words, the number 'un' blog in the world.

So lets begin... how the hell do i change the font? 

Ok, worked that out in a blink of an eye, but i can see myself getting stuck every time I log in. Not that I'm bad with computers, it's just that this will take a bit of getting used too. What then, is this blog about? Well, I'm an art student still so i guess some of it will be work that I've been up too, and also anything that i find interesting and nifty.

But like the title says; 'Everything has beginnings', this is the beginnings of my blog, the beginning of the Olympic flame's journey in the UK started in Land's End and, the beginning of the sun occurred 5 billion years ago from a gas cloud in space. Wonder if there are diesel clouds too? Oops, gone on a tangent, back to the topic, everything has beginnings, and so this post is the beginning of Drift Matter...

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