Monday, 11 June 2012

Danger Levels & Granny Gangs

Looking in the mirror, shortly after waking up, I consider my self to look like an angry viking. Wild hair, beard down to my chest, a dragon tattoo, several fair maidens in my hey bed. I look dangerous. 8.2/10 on the Danger levels. 

However, when i ask others how dangerous they think I am, they say  0. 

'Fair enough' I reply, 'Fair enough'. Truth be told that reflection i saw in the mirror consisted of the messy hair... and er... that's about it.

 Its neither a good or bad thing how dangerous someone looks, but i still find it amusing to picture people in historical situations and imagine how they would look. Someone like Drogba or Ibrahimovic would surely be a warrior while someone like Rowan Atkinson i can truly see as a Butler.

Genetics are funny things...

Michael Palin though, a solid 11/10 for dangerousness. You have to be on the lookout for the granny gangs. Most dangerous beings to exist. I heard they slayed John Cleese with a banana...

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